Speak Good Things, Think Good Thoughts and Do Good Deeds

Bambi, Walt Disney (1942)

Have you ever heard of the saying, “When it rains it pours?”  In other words, when something bad happens it gets worst.  Who wants to live with that type of expectation?

Well, the title of this blog is not going to be my “New Year’s Resolution,” but my “New Life’s Resolution.  Yes, that‘s right, a new life.  To stop complaining, stop gossiping, and stop counter productive actions.

So, you think this might be somewhat difficult.  Possibly, but with practice it is definitely doable.  Try taking yourself or your ego out of the equation.  Better yet, try taking “me, my, myself, mine and I” out of the equation and replace it with “us, we, our, ourselves, and together.”  By connecting yourself with others each time you speak, think and do, you will become that much closer to a happier lifestyle.

Speak Good Things:

Remember the verse from Bambi (1942), when Thumper the young rabbit stated “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”  This was probably my favorite part of the movie.  Well let’s get back to basics and start here.  Make it a race.  Always be the first to say something nice.  Just make sure you are sincere.  No one likes a phony.  Just “think twice before you speak…” (Napoleon Hill, no date)

Think Good Thoughts:

Every time a negative thought pops in your head, think of something positive to counteract.  Sing an uplifting song to get the negative thoughts out of your head or pray and be thankful for everything that has happened in your life: the good and what you think might be bad.  Work on turning any negative moment into a positive.

Don’t dwell on the past, learn from it.  The past is gone and done with.  It’s over and you can’t change it.  Move on.

Don’t wish upon the future, it’s not here yet.  Just make goals, immediate, short and long term.  Write them down, add to it or change it when necessary.

Just be.  Your focus should always be on the present.  That is the only thing you have control over.  Whatever you are doing now, just focus.  Having a cup of tea?  Focus on the taste while sipping.  See how easy it can be.  Working at a job that you don’t like?  Stop thinking about how much you dislike the job.  Focus on doing the best that you can do at that given moment.  And then focus on what you can do to change it step by step.  Getting promoted, changing positions or starting a business.  Each moment you focus on changing the present will get you that much closer to your “goals.”

Do Good Deeds:

“Do to others as you would have them do to you,” (Mathew 7:12).  Let’s face it, one good deed a day is not enough to change your life, but it is a start.  Try it.  Let’s do one today, then two tomorrow, and so on and so on.  Before you know it all of your actions will be good.

Whenever you speak, think or do something negative, write it down and think about what you could have done to make it positive.  And then work on it the next day, hour or minute.  Why?  You can’t change the past.  What is done is done.  And you can’t change the future.  It’s not here yet.  Remember?  But you can learn and set goals.  By learning, you have realized that, “I spoke, thought or did something that wasn’t very nice.”  By setting the goal, you would have written it down and pondered upon doing something more positive the next time.  By speaking, thinking and doing the “positive” you can change the present moment.

In a few words: Be present, be positive.


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